Thursday, July 31, 2008

It goes in and out of focus,

sometimes taking the shape
of a sketch done in a night of
schizophrenic inspiration, its
seemingly errant lines forming
a simulacrum of reality without
actually quite reaching its shores.
At other moments it
shatters into a living mosaic,
each jagged, colored tile just
going along for the ride,
happy to be part
of the picture,
and not giving a damn
whether it makes the sale or not.
Now it seems to be resolving into a
watercolor done with
an amateur’s skill
and in great haste, its overlapping
edges of streaked, ragged color
all that will be left to show
for an exhibition
that didn’t exactly pack ‘em in
and where the best piece
turned out to have been hung
upside down.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They flowed into each other

and intermingled their struggling 
miniature universes of
raw-nerved feeling,
pleading for understanding,
searching for ill-defined experience,
wanting in some way to be more
than what they were, waiting for
something to happen, indifferent
to its contours, 
looking for their place
in a world whose true dimensions
would have hammered them flat
had they known them.
They shot wounded venom at each other
and always embraced afterward, if only by
moments of silent forgiveness.
They celebrated each other's victories
and told each other truths and secrets
that were reserved for the hidden hours
of night.
No one made them angrier
than each other,
but each one realized
in his own unfinished way
the love they both felt
(though never speaking of it)
and they came to understand
that neither of them
would have wanted to take those
first real steps into manhood
(toward a world of other universes)
with anyone else.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'll Be Back on 30 July

I need to focus my mental energy on my new book on the relationship between the evolution and nature of consciousness and the nature of human history. No, I won't be finished by the 30th (maybe 10 years from then!) but I need to do some things on that front.

You have not read the last of my semi-epic verses!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

He walks through

the carcasses of their vanished lives,
picking up the shards of their
workaday afternoons and
running his rude hands
over their intimate
He is a god watching them
from their flowing birth
to their incontinent death,
judging them at every turn.
He will speak for them;
they can lodge no protest,
nor offer their own plea bargain.
He will hold them up to the light,
thinking that he has exposed all,
never realizing that they
were clever enough
to slip through his fingers
before he even knew
who they were.

The paper storm

swirls over me in frenzied
its mind-numbing flood
of words threatening
to break the dikes
of my tendon-stretched
at any sweat-stained moment.
It hurls ideas at me like
multicolored, disembodied
bricks, and bashes me
with vicious squalls
of hot-blooded assertion,
storm-driven little factoids
that drive themselves into my brain
like straws in an oak tree,
and tsunamis of
half-blind visions
and quick little glimpses
of the descending sacred.
As the eye passes over me,
I plot my strategy for
snatching pieces from it
quickly enough
to make my stand
before I am no longer able
to stand at all,
and to give my account of its
garbled message
before I have no voice left
to express it.